About forex wiki.


    about forex wiki

    A trade transaction aimed at the acquisition or sale of a financial instrument. Slang expression, which means no open positions on the trading account.

    about forex wiki

    The state of the market, in which the price fluctuations are minimal, there are no pronounced trends. Форекс Forex - Foreign Exchange Market The international financial market, whose members carry out free exchange of currencies and earn on the difference of rates.

    The Forex market is regulated by the largest about forex wiki banks with the help of instruments such as: Фрактал Fractal An indicator of technical analysis, which is a collection of five or more candlesticks, the central of which is at the level of the largest or smallest price in a certain section of the chart.

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    Fractals are used in conjunction with other technical analysis about forex wiki to identify the most appropriate points for opening or closing trading positions. The method of predicting prices in the foreign exchange market, which is based on an analysis about forex wiki economic indicators and political events affecting one about forex wiki a group of countries.

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